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PRD Design, hot rod shop, 67-72 ford trucks, bumpside ford, project ruptured duck, 94R2+PC Pella, Iowa

About PRD Design

PRD Design is a new custom hot rod shop that opened in 2022, led by car builder and master fabricator Brycen Smith. PRD Design is in the Midwest town of Pella, Iowa.


PRD Design comes from "Project Ruptured Duck," a one-off custom car I dreamed, designed, and am currently working on finishing. When the Duck build is completed, the shop name will live on as an ode to the project that inspired significant changes in my career.

Over 17 years of experience in the hot rod industry has led to this new venture, with the dream of building a brand recognizable by the unique vision, craftsmanship, passion, experience, and attention to detail that goes into every build.

Let's talk about your dream build! My goal is that every project should have purpose, functionality, and comfort in mind. These things will lead to a vehicle that is enjoyable to own no matter what custom touches get built into the project. The slogan is "Dream. Build. Drive", and that simple philosophy is what I believe encompasses the scope of each project. I want to work with your dream build and help you realize its full potential as we create something personal that you can drive with confidence.

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About brycen

About the builder

Brycen Smith

My professional career fabricating and building custom cars began in 2005.

Cars have always been a passion of mine and I’ve pursued my career as a builder since high school. This career has allowed me to build numerous high-end custom cars of all makes and models, as well as to work on at least one SEMA feature vehicle almost every year since 2008, totaling fourteen features. I have 17 years of building experience, but my love for building and cars reaches back to my early childhood.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the website. I am incredibly excited as I continue to move forward and feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. I would love to talk with you more.




Brycen Smith


431 SE 14th St. Unit 4

Pella, Iowa 50219

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